By Dr. Alex A Rossi | Trichologist and Hair loss consultant

Published 15:34 21st De 2023 | Update 15.45 22nd Dec 2023

Dear Friend,

The most potent hair loss solution may have been hiding in plain sight for years.

More powerful than Rogaine

More potent than Fin

Yet completely natural.  And free from nasty side effects.

My name is Dr Alex Rossi..i spent my career studying hair loss..

And how to reverse it..

And this the most exciting breakthrough i’ve seen in 30 years..

How do i know this?

Because i see my own clients return to my office month after month…

With thicker and longer hair..

People like Alex..

You would think he had a hair procedure in Turkey!

But he hasn’t…

His hairline is straighter than ever…thicker and longer.

This discovery takes less than 15 seconds per day to apply..

The resulting thick and luscious hair speaks for itself..

And what about Damian?

He added this simple 15 second regime to his hair routine..

Today..his balding scalp is covered by lovely curly black hair

Before i got into the hair loss industry, i also had a problem..

My own hair was thinning..

At age 20..i had an embarrassingly thin hairline..

I couldn’t get a girlfriend..

Well I could…but it was always the ones I DIDN’T want!

The ones I wanted were reserved for the jocks with the thick slicked back hair..

My confidence was SHREDDED..

I watched my college years drift by in a cloud of loneliness..

But today at 56..i have MORE HAIR than my nephews!

Grey..but thick and grows like summer grass!

All without having a single hair procedure..

or taking weird concussions..

Here is this new method in 2 simple steps …

The same method that helped 2356 people regrow their hair in 2023

Not many people know but a huge cause of hair loss is a sick scalp..

Even in a scalp that looks perfectly healthy..

Issues such as fungal overgrowth can wreak havoc with the scalp..and hair growth

This is why conditions such as Telogen effluvium present as hair loss..

How do you know your scalp is “sick”?

Signs of a “sick scalp”

  • Persistent Dandruff
  • Flaky scalp
  • Itchy Scalp
  • Overly oily scalp
  • HORRIBLE hair growth

If you have any of the above signs….your scalp is SICK.

And it is VERY likely your hair growth is grinding to a halt

But the good news is..this new method heals the scalp in a matter of 1-2 WEEKS

Using nature’s best healing essential oils…

Proven to heal the scalp from all the conditions mentioned above..

Just hear what real people are saying about this method

A breakthrough in 2021 turned everything we believed about hair growth on its head..

According to the latest science, the most effective hair growth fix isn’t any single serum, solution or tablet.

  • Not Rogaine
  • Not Minoxidil
  • Not Saw Palmetto
  • Not Rosemary Oil

The most effective fix is to COMBINE essential oils AND oral supplements in a PRECISE way


Because we discovered that hair growth has MULTIPLE SWITCHES

So we need to combine multiple ingredients to turn on ALL these switches…

And trigger immediate hair growth..

Some hair loss experts are predicting this method is going to crush all other methods in 2024..

Why Most Hair Loss Products Actually DESTROY Hair


Here is why

  • Cheap ingredients made in China
  • Ingredients that don’t even reach the hair follicles
  • Made in sub-standard factories (high contamination risk)
  • Unproven scientifically
  • Sometimes Toxic!

Is it any wonder they DON’T WORK for hair growth?


Here is how..

  • Delivering Results even experts are struggling to explain
  • Purest Ingredients (+97% purity)
  • Developed by hair loss experts…NOT factory workers
  • Based on the breakthrough SCUBE 3 research by UCI
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Suitable for all hair types..including straight, and afro

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