“if I didn’t see this with my own eyes I wouldn’t believe it”

Illinois university professor on his hair loss breakthrough

And the natural supplement hiding in plain sight, that allows anyone to apply his discovery today

Erica Dobson | Monday 24th October 2022

When Dr Yi arrived in his laboratory one cold winter morning last year..

He was shocked at what he saw on his computer screen..

In front of him was the “smoking gun”..

He was looking at an UNDISPUTED cause for hair loss that is virtually UNKNOWN to science

He immediately called his research assistant to check his eyes were deceiving him

The assistant, equally stunned, confirmed what Dr Yi saw..

They even called 2 more colleagues who both nodded in amazement that it was all real..

His discovery was so unique the New York times scrambled to feature it as a lead story..

But what he found gave us all hope that hair loss was no longer a life sentence..

It was perfectly possible to prevent and even reverse..

Over the next few minutes, we will reveal this discovery..

And how you can take advantage of it to rediscover the hair you thought was gone for good..


We have known for decades hair loss gets worse with age..

But no one could explain how it ACTUALLY happens..

What Dr Yi saw that morning was almost a video tape of the event taking place..

On a screen in front of him…

Dr Rui Yi, associate professor of biochemistry, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois

He noticed a group of special stem cells simply LEAVE the hair follicle..

Without these cells..hair growth comes to a grinding halt..

It’s like turning off the engine on hair growth..

But here is the exciting news…

All the stem cells didn’t leave the hair follicle..

They left behind a small number of progenitor cells..

These are like baby stem cells, that can sprout FULL stem cells in the future..

And grow into NEW luscious hair follicles..

Growing thick, strong and healthy hair – that is virtually UNBREAKBALE

Here is how you can take advantage of this discovery

There is already a proven method to take full advantage of this discovery..

There are known vitamins and minerals that PROTECT stem cells and regrow hair

And by using these SPECICIFC vitamins and minerals, at SPECIFIC dosages

You build a RING OF STEEL around your hair follicles..

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