While this breakthrough will take YEARS to clear red tape and become available on shelves..

You will discover how to apply it safely and cheaply TODAY

For the last few years a few smart scientists have been working quietly on a small 3rd floor lab at California university..

Their aim was simple..

To make hair loss history..

And in 2022…they almost certainly achieved their goal..

They were able to regrow hair from nothing....something no one has ever achieved

And while most people will have to wait for years while this discovery becomes an actual product you can use…

I am going to show you how anyone can apply this discovery TODAY..

Using a safe and natural method…

The morning that changed everything

One cold morning in early 2021, one of the junior scientists from the biotech group at California University, arrived early in the office..

After finishing his paperwork and drinking his coffee..

He went to the incubator to check on an experiment he set up the previous week..

The experiment itself was a wild punt so he didn’t hold much hope..

As he opened the incubator and retrieved the box containing tissue…

His body almost froze on the spot..

To make sure his eyes weren’t playing tricks on him, he took out the box to examine it near a window light..

His eyes weren’t playing any tricks..

Because in front of him was a small piece of artificial skin (to mimic scalp) that was covered in THICK and luscious black hair..

actual photo released by the team at California university.

This was almost a miracle. Because that piece of skin was completely bald a week ago

So many questions raced through his head as he stood motionless..

  • How can hair suddenly sprout from bare skin?..
  • Is this a prank by a colleagues? would be a dump one if it was
  • Is this even real hair?

He immediately wanted to call over his colleagues but none of them had arrived yet..

He took a few minutes to compose himself and give his pounding heart a chance to settle..

So he called the lead scientist. His phone was switched off so he left him a message

“ Hey Bob.. I am sorry to be calling so early, but please come into the office as soon as possible..i think we cracked it”


As Bob, and the rest of the team raced to the became clear this was no trick or hoax..

This was real hair growing..

And after a couple of hours of excited calls and emails , the team settled to figure out what the heck was happening…

Over the next days and weeks, the team worked out that a mysterious substance they named “SCUBE3” was causing this hair growth..

This was a substance that no one has ever heard off before…the team became aware of it a year earlier but they didn’t think it did much..

However, now it was their prime suspect..

To make sure their suspicion was accurate they repeated the experiment twice..

And the same thing happened both times..

Wild, instant and rapid hair growth..

All about SCUBE 3

There are 2 almost miraculous things we know about SCUBE 3.

One is that it is capable of triggering hair growth virtually on demand..

We simply have nothing like it known to science..

It is remarkable.

How we think SCUBE 3 works

The 2nd thing which is equally remarkable is that it is 100% made by our body.

It is what scientist call a “signalling molecule”….the body uses it to relay messages ..

So the body is able to generate and release SCUBE 3, send it to hair roots…

and the body obeys the order…and unleashes wild hair growth..

Once scientists turn SCUBE 3 into a product, many experts think hair loss will be history

With SCUBE 3 available…just imagine what will happen…

  • Baldness becoming EXTINCT, virtually overnight!
  • Full head of hair from 25 to 75 – for EVERYONE
  • Hair that grows TOO FAST. not too slowly.
  • NEVER worrying about an embarrassingly thin hairline
  • Being able to regrow hair in a few days just because you didn’t like your last haircut
  • Having ANY hairstyle you want – for ever!


SCUBE 3 won’t be available for YEARS

However there is already be a natural way to mimic it and trigger hair growthRIGHT NOW

Like with anything in the scientific field..

It takes YEARS to turn a discovery into a product..

The red tape

The beuarocracy

But with this discovery things are different..

There is already a natural way to copy what SCUBE 3 does..

Many vitamins and herbs have been PROVEN to powerful hair growers..

In a VERY similar way to SCUBE 3..

Recent study proving positive role of vitamins in hair growth. In only 3 months, this subject’s hair increased by 57% in density. To do this, vitamins MUST BE triggering SCUBE 3.

We never understood how they do this..but this discovery finally explains EVERYTHING.

Many hair loss experts are now convinced vitamins hold the key…

Could vitamins trigger the release of SCUBE 3?

It is almost certain that they do..


According to experts, the key to making vitamins work like SCUBE 3 is:

  1. Use the RIGHT mix of vitamins
  2. At 95% purity or above

If you don’t do these 2 things you are wasting your time.

There are THOUSANDS of cases of people who reversed hair loss using just vitamins..

The reason some people had no result with using vitamins for hair growth is almost certainly due to this:

Using garbage products with low purity and lacking key ingredients

And majority of products on the market just don’t work.

A recent survey by US authorities shows most supplements not only don’t contain what is on the label, but many contain dangerous fake or dangerous substances


A complete hair loss supplement inspired by the SCUBE 3 discovery

Very few products on the market have the potential to work like SCUBE 3.

The one i am CONFIDENT about is Foligrow.

I know it because i was part of the team who developed it..

Off course you are free to research your own product…..but i recommend Foligrow


Why Foligrow WIPES THE FLOOR with the competition

  • Contains EVERY vitamin and herb proven to grow hair
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  • Made in a laboratory and not in a factory
  • Made by actual scientists
  • No fillers and No junk


Here are just a couple of the success stories for Foligrow


Every year only 1200 bottles of Foligrow are made..

And sales are capped at a 100 per month


Because Foligrow is made at a very small specialist facility in New Jersey..

And there is a tremendous amount of work that goes into making each bottle..

It is impossible to go beyond this production capacity of 1200 a year..

If Foligrow is available i suggest you grab at least a few bottles while you can